My friend sent this to me tonight

It was a busy busy busy day today with final retouching for the catalog and a laundry list of other phone calls and scheduling, etc. But a couple hours ago, my friend sent me this photo from YEARS ago…maybe 6 years??? Aren’t internet search engines great! Try this meta search engine my friend used to find this image of me. I find this search engine very cool and different from the normal Google. It is suppose to find result from several search engines at once;

Here is the shot. I look pretty out of it and believe I actually was. This was at a birthday party of a photographer friend Eric Striffler with The funny thing is I think I always disliked this photo and might have a retouched version sitting around where I made myself look like Tom Cruise or something. I do like Eileen in it with a photo I took of her in her hand. She is awesome. I have been meaning to phone her. Maybe this will work as the impetus.

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