More from the LIM Shoot

Here are some more photos from that crazy shoot with LIM College ( the other week with Adrienne Weinfeld-Berg.  Basically, we just played and had a lot of fun.

This series is just strange.  All photos were taken with a Canon 5D Mark II with either a 24-70mm L Series zoom lens and an 85mm 1.2 L Series fixed lens.


It was a dark stairwell and the photo was taken hand held with available light.  The exposure was 1/60sec at F2.8 and ISO 1600 with 24-70mm.


Profoto studio lights; main light with beauty dish.  Background light is a Bowens with Fresnel spot light.  85mm lens F10 at 1/160sec.

This is an Alice in Wonderland theme.



Model: Kinsey @ Race Models (


Above photos with 85mm lens; F8 1/125sec. ISO100


85mm lens; F2.5 1/100sec – ISO800


Model:  Kerri @ Race Models – 85mm lens; F1.2 1/100. – ISO400

Michael Creagh

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