Interesting New York Moment

I was in North Carolina this weekend for Project Style (  It was a fashion workshop we did in conjunction with the big department store Dillards.  It was a lot of fun and I will post some of the photos this week.

Coming back from LaGuardia, I had an unexpected encounter:  I knew my taxi driver.  I know that isn’t that interesting as I have had quite few drivers of car services that have moved me and my equipment multiple times.  But this was a little different.  This was sort of an old friend.  When I first moved to New York, the fellow had owned a small and failing business down the road.  He helped me print my first business card here in New York.  When his company went under, I bought some of his equipment.

He was doing well.  Has another new venture in the works that sounded promising.  Making decent money driving to finance it.  It was good to catch up.

I’ll Post more this week!



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