Yummie Tummie Behind the Scenes Sneak Peak!

I should have posted this back in November when Yummie Tummie posted it on their blog, but I was so busy shooting that I missed it.  Their post is a little different with some more info on the amazing designer, Heather and the inspirations to the line.  Here is the link to Yummie Tummie’s post.  I will try to post some final shots this week.

You can see quick a cool little trick here with the floor.

The team watches as Dez gets her makeup touched up.
You can see me in the background of this one, as Dez gets her makeup touched up.
Checking the shots
Checking the shots (You can see my beautiful Eizo monitor).  Now we just added the new iMac Quad core.  It is great, though not seen here yet.
Making everything perfect.
Making everything perfect.
The planning board
The planning board.  Prep for the shoot starts long before the actual day, with the team considering which color and style to use with each pose.
The table of tools and tricks!
The table of tools and tricks!  It’s good to see that everyone needs a little help looking beautiful for the camera, even gorgeous models like Dez!
Everyone pitches in to get the look right

Show it off!



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