President Obama’s Motorcade

I was walking over Brooklyn Bridge this evening and saw the coolest thing; President Obama’s Motorcade.  Really impressive.  I don’t want to give any details or post a photo.  You know, “Loose Lips Sink Ships” (the World War II slogan).  But suffice it to say, the coordination between agencies and the manpower…. it gives you a certain sense of security and national pride.  It was 100 times what I thought it would be.

It actually reminds me a little of a photo job I had during the Bush Administration when I went to meetings at the US Mission to the UN and to the UN with Congressional Aides.  You watch the news, and hear all the stupid talking points every day; the ridiculous comments on both sides.  But then you listen to the career diplomats describe in detail the inner workings, the strategies, the blockages, and you are stunned that there are actually smart people behind the scenes.    It was really cool.  I know it doesn’t always work that way, and sometimes the results of things makes you think it never works that way…but it was nice to see.

Michael Creagh

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