Easy Sunday Night

I took it easy today.  Did a mini shoot of close friends and their adorable little son and ordered some buffalo wings.  Sandra and I caught about 40 minutes of the Meetles, an awesome Beatles cover band that plays the Times Square subway stop on weekends sometimes.  If you haven’t checked them out, it is well worth the buck or two.

Now we are watching Zoolander.  I think Ben Stiller was the first celebrity I saw when I came to New York.  I was randomly walking behind him by like 15 feet….must have been for like 5 little blocks and didn’t realize.  But people kept making Something About Mary comments; some straight forward, some witty/dumb.  It looked like he had a drink drink in his had and just kept firing back pleasant or witty/dumb comments himself.  It must be hard not to just be able to walk down the street anonymous. From 15 feet away, he seemed like a pretty cool guy.

I don’t really have a Zoolander shot, but this mildly reminds me of male model’s in the movie and the drink drink in Ben Stiller’s hand.  I guess that would be a fun way to waste some time:  go though my archives and see if some male model over the years has a Blue Steel expression in one of the shots.

The photo was originally part of an editorial I shot for a magazine, years and years ago.


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