Let It Snow!!! A Little New York Blizzard

Wow!  I just got back from walking home from the studio.  A crazy 2 1/2 hour hike from my Times Square studio to my place in Brooklyn through our little blizzard.  How amazing though.   Such a cool experience.  I had my Columbia boots and my Northface coat, so I stayed pretty warm.  Though my jeans soaked through.  Luckily, I also had my little Canon G12.

I had no time to edit these as I don’t even have a mouse at my place.  So this is just a straight upload from the camera.  I didn’t mess with the color balance and shot jpg just because the snow was so intense I didn’t want to mess too much with my camera out in the wet and windy conditions.

This is the little park by the court buildings by City Hall.  This was the first place along my trek that I actually pulled out my camera.  When I look back now I can not believe I held out so long without taking a photo.  I was near Times Square by the studio, Penn Station, 7th Ave, West Village, Soho, Greene Street, Broadway, and nothing.  I have to second guess myself and wonder if this was the best place to start.

Brooklyn Bridge was Amazing.  The photo below is no flash with like a 1/60 sec at F3.2 and ISO 1600.  You can see how fast the snow was blowing because of its blur.

I love all the lines in this one.  I couldn’t help the flair as the conditions were just so crazy to stop.

Beautiful and lonely.  There was no visibility.  It was odd not to be able to see the bright city over my shoulder.  You saw and felt nothing but the immediacy of the bridge.

A fun tip.  The 2 above photos are pretty much the same shot:  hand held and taken a couple seconds apart.  Why does one show snowflakes and the other doesn’t?  It is the flash.  The first image the flash is turned off and the exposure is 1/60 sec at F3.2 ISO 1600.  The second is the exact same exposure, but flash also fires illuminating the nearby snowflakes.  How bright you set the flash will determine how much the snowflakes pop or blend into the scene.

This is not the most artistic shot, but I wanted a little credit for my crazy hike.  Those were the insane conditions.  But I got a great workout and just felt amazing being out in our urban winter jungle.

Finally, I made it to my more serene neighborhood.  The snow was still really coming down, but without the flash on you would never know.  Here is a link to some daytime snow shots I took in Brooklyn last year.


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