Natascha Bessez can belt it out!

My friend Natascha Bessez posted her cover of Bruno Mars’ Grenade yesterday on Youtube and it is hot.  Natascha and I have shot together a few times.  I put some of the photos below from the different shoots.  She is a model, singer and former Miss Teen New York 2005.  Here is a link to her Facebook Fan Page.

Some of our photos.

We also worked together on a big commercial prom catalog for Dave and Johnny .  The former Miss Teen New York was perfect for the gowns.  To buy a dress directly, try  I will try to post more from the Dave and Johnny catalog in the next couple weeks.  We are about to shoot the new season and I hope we have Natascha as one of the models again!

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All photos were taken in my studio.  The lighting varies a lot; from Canon Speedlights to natural light, to Profoto.  The first several pictures were taken with a Canon 5D Mark II and the prom Catalog was taken with my Hasselblad H3D.

Michael Creagh

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