Sexy Story for Hombre Magazine

I haven’t seen the actual magazine yet, but I got some PDF’s of the Hombre story and copied some shots off the web.  I shot this a couple months back in my studio.  The written story is by Steve Ocean.  It was Styled by Keith S. Washington.  Makeup by Hiro for Makeup Forever, Hair by Dennis Fei.  The models are Kimberly Theodore, Asta Masedunskaite and Christian Scott.

I don’t know who shot the cover of Antonio Banderas, but click on it to get to the front page of Hombre Magazine’s website. Below are the sexy shots from the magazine.  My favorite shot is the photo of just the intertwined legs.

Here are the web versions from Hombre’s website.  Here is the link to the story directly on their site.

The photos were taken in my studio with with a mix of Profoto lighting and some with just a Canon Speedlight.  The used my Hasselblad H3D.

Michael Creagh

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