Natural Beauty – Katrina Eugenia

It is a staple of my blog that I post photos of models and ad campaigns.  But tonight I thought I would post some photos of one of my close friends; photographer and artist Katrina Eugenia.  It has been said many times that some of the biggest models and actresses are not as hot as some of the women you know.  This seems to be the case with Katrina.  Or at least seemed.   Judging by press she is getting from Playboy (link contains nude self portraits) and Esquire, it looks like the world is finding out.  Here’s the NY Observer gossiping on her social life.

I still remember our first shoot together:  before the camera came so easy to her.  She was gorgeous, but had never really been in front of a lens – just behind it.  Shy wasn’t really the right word for it.  Now, you would be hard pressed to find models who look as natural before the camera.

I made this compilation from shots I took of her that she posted on her Facebook page.  It looks like none of them are retouched.  Just showing her natural beauty and movement in front of the camera.  Click the photo to enlarge it.

To see more Katrina, check out her Website, Blog, and Twitter.

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