Melanie Iglesias Flipbook is being featured everywhere!! 50,000 Hits

We are less than 2 days in and we are getting some amazing buzz.  50,000 hits in like 40 hours!  I joked that we would get 50,000 total when we made it. It also has over 2000 likes and 700 comments.  We were the 26th most viewed video in Youtube’s People & Blogs today in the world!!

First, here is the video again for anyone who is coming straight to this link.  It is basically addictive with Melanie smiling her way through funky outfits.  Putting them on and taking them off.  We had a blast making this.  It is all just 1 take of us playing with ideas we thought up at the spur of the moment.

We got a very nice endorsement from the Philip DeFranco show, entitled, “MELANIE IGLESIAS RAISES DEBT CEILING BY SELLING CHINESE CHILDREN “.  The best line from it is when Philip says, “The Youtube has gotten a little sexier today.”  His post was the 6th most commented on post on Youtube today.

I can’t post all the sites or anything.  It is lighting up the board on Tumblr with fans pausing the video and posting all the hot stills.  Maybe a couple thousand notes already from all the sites.  Here are a few of the dozens of sites spreading the word.

Here is link to Melanie’s Facebook Fan Page and Twitter.  Here is a link to my original post where I give some more info about the video.

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