Come See Me at Fashion Week!

We are in the middle of Fashion Week and I forgot to tell you to come see me.  DHL got me to come to the booth for the whole week and take runway portraits.  It is free for you because DHL is picking up the tab! Before you rush over, remember that you need passes to get into Fashion Week….that I cannot help you with.

Pose with Mannequins dressed in the creative designs of LIM College students Carinne Cusanelli and Vinessa Soluri.  I think we basically locked them in a room overnight with a load of DHL packing materials and asked them to create cool dresses.  When they asked why it had to be overnight, we said that is because that is how DHL does it (I don’t think we really made Carinne and Vinessa work overnight).

See that beautiful Broncolor Para 88 Reflector attached to my Scoro power pack.

Here is my snapshot of fellow photographer, Spencer Kohn, who is helping me at the booth.

Here is the press release from DHL and here is the link to the story on LIM College’s website.

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