My Fashion Week with DHL

I am sad to say that I am happy that New York Fashion Week is finally over.  It was an absolute blast with DHL and our never ending line of the fashionable….. but I am really happy to sleep again.  The fashion crowd came to pose with mannequins creatively dressed in DHL packing materials by LIM College students Carinne Cusanelli and Vinessa Soluri.  Special thanks to Eric Feigenbaum and Marjorie Lee Woo.

I want to thank DHL for being so amazing to work with.  We had so much fun, and spent so many hours together at Lincoln Center that they became my second family; Michelle, Janet, Christine and the dozens of other DHL kin that posed and encouraged others to.  I now understand why they are the global leaders in shipping fashion.

It was really hard to select from the 2000 people I photographed last week, but here are some of my favorites below.  If you weren’t selected and want to be, let me know.  If you don’t want to be, let me know as well!!  Many people at fashion week come to be seen, but a few do not.  Also, I added a few credits below.  Let me know if you want to have your credit included.

Below: Top left – current Miss Universe, Leila Lopez, Miss USA, Alyssa Campanella and Miss Teen USA, Danielle Doty.  Bottom right – my assistant, Photographer Kazuyoshi Yukoi

Below:  Top right – Makeup Artist, Jerry Lopez

Below: Bottom right, Fashion Editor, Adrienne Weinfeld-Berg

Below: Actress, Amanda DeBraux

So many great families and kids at Fashion Week.

It’s Fashion Week, so don’t forget the photographers.  I think half them came over to look at the beautiful Broncolor Para88 and Scoro I had.

LIM College and DHL brought in LIM Student and model Natalia to wear a dress.  Below: Photographer, Jo Lance from Mexico’s Next Top Model

I also found time to take some more traditional portraits.  The top left photo shows the light from Broncolor’s new Para88.

Below: Bottom left is my paparazzi shot of Supermodel Lara Stone and bottom right was New York’s Finest.

And for once, I included a few pictures of myself.  you don’t photograph a couple thousand people without being in few yourself.

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