Femto-Photography – Imaging at a trillion frames per second

As a fashion photographer, I have no practical use for this video.  But the sheer wonderment of actually watching light move in slow motion on an object is breath taking.  I am a big fan of Ted Talks, and this one by Ramesh Raskar is a must see for the photographer.  It reminds us of the history of scientific use around our profession and also gives some ideas of where femto-photography and technology might take us in the not too distant future.  It might give us the ability to see around corners; so cars could avoid accidents, rescuing people in fires/earthquakes in buildings, and exploring the human body for disease.


For those of you new to the wonders of light, you might also enjoy this video demonstrating the camera obscura from the BBC.  Nature’s film projector and how all cameras work and *your eyes for that matter).

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