Natascha Bessez – Heal – Official Music Video

It is finally here; the official video for Heal!   It has been a bit of a wait since Natascha Bessez and I released the video for the acoustic version.  So I am really excited.

It was a blast to work on and a really tight crew.  I know people are seeing a lot of videos from me these days, but this is my first official music video; on location with multiple scenes.  Below is one of my favorite frames.  As a photographer, I had to pick out some shot to show that I think would also make a great photo.

Also, I guess I didn’t really think about it when we were shooting, but we are getting some press from MSN and some websites because of Natascha’s hot co-star.  He is a sexy man of mystery. Hunter Johannson is not only a friend and super cool, but his twin sister is a super famous, gorgeous actress.  I don’t know if it was supposed to be a secret, but it is definitely out.


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Special thanks to M Jean Baptise for helping me film and to Jennifer Bessez for managing the production.
Editor- Kayla J. Yoo
Camera Assistant- Kayla J. Yoo
Hair- Kandee Jackson
MUA- Eunice Martinez
Stylist- Jennifer Bessez
Location- Antonella and Maria Lemos


Here is the link to her website cover shot, and to her performance in Brooklyn, and photos from a performance on Delancy.  Also, don’t miss the preview with some behind the scenes footage. Here is the link to iTunes for all the versions of Heal.

Her cover of Mr. Saxobeat has over 1,400,000 hits.  Link to some photos you don’t want to miss.  The link to the preview photo for Rabiosa. Link to her interview on Reynolds 2.2 Blog. Here is the link to my first post on Natascha, where she belts out Bruno Mars’ Grenade. Watch my videos of Natascha singing Rabiosa with 100,000 hits, and Skyscraper.  Also see her in my Christmas Flipbook with Melanie Iglesias with over 1,000,000 hits and looking hot in the behind the scenes video and the teaser.

Michael Creagh