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Cute Video for Charity

Here is a cute stop motion video that that Sandra and I made to raise money on her birthday for her charity Run 2 Build Schools.  She is building a school in Nepal… Continue reading

Giving Lecture at Freestyle Fashion Conference

Hey Everyone! On September 28th, I will be teaching a class called “Producing Quality Images on a Budget” at the Freestyle Fashion Conference at LIM College.  I think it is going to be… Continue reading

Femto-Photography – Imaging at a trillion frames per second

As a fashion photographer, I have no practical use for this video.  But the sheer wonderment of actually watching light move in slow motion on an object is breath taking.  I am a… Continue reading

Eric Feigenbaum Wins Markopoulos Award

I want to congratulate Eric Feigenbaum on winning the prestigious DDI Markopolous Award.  Eric is the Chair of the Visual Merchandising Department at LIM College, and has a distinguished career in visual merchandising… Continue reading