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President Obama’s Motorcade

I was walking over Brooklyn Bridge this evening and saw the coolest thing; President Obama’s Motorcade.  Really impressive.  I don’t want to give any details or post a photo.  You know, “Loose Lips… Continue reading

Fading Wonderland Editorial

This is a story from a few years back I shot with my photographer friend, Rinze Van Brug.  It was for Aventura Magazine.  Models were from Elite and you have seen the blond… Continue reading

Susana Monaco in Oprah’s Magazine by Michael Creagh

On the stands now is a portrait of Susana Monaco and her daughter that I took for O Magazine.  It is a feature on Susana with her comments on the several items displayed… Continue reading

Behind the Scenes with Shannon Rusbuldt of Elite- Michael Creagh

Here is a behind the scenes video of a shoot I did with Shannon Rusbuldt from Elite.  A few of the final photographs are also below.  Shannon and I have been friends for… Continue reading

Esthero, Obama video and Michael Creagh

It took me until tonight to realize that one of my favorite singers, Esthero, was featured in Will.i.am’s “Yes We Can” video (below).  I watched the video like 10 times around  presidential election… Continue reading

Obama Wins!!! Headlines from around the world

Here is a collage of about 150 headlines from the minutes and hours after the announcement of Barack Obama’s victory.  The link below first brings you to the individual screen captures of the… Continue reading