Busy Day, Plus a Beautiful Model

I am actually just about to go to bed.  I’ve got a busy day tomorrow with a half day photoshoot tomorrow morning and then a very cool dinner to attend.  I was invited by a magazine publisher to have dinner with him, a champion of the printing industry and 2 amazing photographers.  I am very excited as I don’t often get to hang with the upper echelon of my industry.  And that’s not it.  Later this week I have the award ceremony for the Photography.Book.Now competition (see my earlier post, https://michaelcreagh.wordpress.com/2009/09/10/1st-runner-up-in-photography-book-now-competition-awarded-to-michael-creagh/).  I was just watching one of the judges of that competition, famed photography critic Vince Aletti on the Ovation Channel talking about truly famous phtographers like Steve McCurry (http://www.art-dept.com/artists/mccurry/).

What would a photography blog post be without a photo?  So somewhat unrelated, here is another photo from my natural light work.  This photo was in my first book and taken in Brooklyn.  The model is Irina (but not to be confused with another beautiful Irina who made it in my blog last December, https://michaelcreagh.wordpress.com/2008/12/10/new-shot-irina-by-michael-creagh/).  Irina was a gorgeous subject as evidenced because I only used the absence of light to create the shot.  This was taken in low light with a window unseen illuminating the background.  The settings were ISO800 at 1/60sec at F2.0 on Canon.


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