Shoot with Alina Vacariu

I photographed the gorgeous lingerie model, Alina Vacariu, the other day. What a cool model, and really really nice too. We had such a fun shoot, just playing around and shooting loads of totally different ideas. This is just my quick, rough edit of a few that caught my eye. Enjoy!

Oh, and for those of you just stumbling on this page while searching for her (I Googled her and got like 285,00 hits!), you should know that she really is that beautiful and sexy in person and super sweet.

I thought she looked so cool here, and there is almost no lighting on her…just what is bouncing around the studio from the window behind her.

This was my favorite. I know, I pick the the fashion shot of the hot lingerie model as my favorite.

But then again, I thought this was pretty sexy.

We shot a lot of hot lingerie, but there is too much to go through and choose. I just love her expression here.

This expression is great as well.

I love this smiling shot of her. It is a very particular sweet look she gives off naturally.

Here is one of her and I on set.


Michael Creagh

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