1,000,000 Hits – Melanie Iglesias

It’s official.  1 Million hits for Flip Book 1.  I still remember when Melanie and I joked that maybe we would get 50,000 hits.  Here is the screen shot that I only thought would ever come in my life if someone got some video of me falling into a fountain or something with all my cameras.

I want to thank everyone who helped us in this phenomenal …..I don’t know the word for it….achievement?…This force that just took off.  I, first and foremost, want thank Melanie, as do the million people who saw the video!!  She is amazing; so sweet, down to earth.  It is her.

I want to thank Philip DeFranco for introducing his audience to us with “MELANIE IGLESIAS RAISES DEBT CEILING BY SELLING CHINESE CHILDREN .“  It was the single biggest help.  His show is constantly amazing.  I am a big fan.

I want to thank Maxim, Sports Illustrated and FHM for all featuring the video on their front page.  Great top of the line publications that love Melanie and the work we did.

Also, thank you to the dozens of other very cool sites that also featured us.  Here are some below.

If you haven’t yet, please check out The Melanie Iglesias Flip Book Part 2 video.  Out for just 48 hours now, it has a whopping 400,000 hits, 8800 Likes and has 11 YouTube honors; including the #1 Viewed, #1 Rated and #1 Favorited Video of the Day for People & Blogs, the #4 Most Discussed in P&B, and the #6 Favorited and #11 Viewed Video today of every YouTube Video in the world.

Click Photo Below to See Flip Book 2

Philip DeFranco’s newest video, MELANIE IGLESIAS CREATES STICKINESS FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT?! also features Melanie’s and my stop motion video.  It is the #2 Rated, #3 Discussed, #5 Most Viewed, #7 Favorited Video on all of YouTube today.  Amazing.

Finally, here is a link to ALL my dozens of Melanie Iglesias Posts with small thumbnails to guide you.


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