Updating My Blog at 30,000 feet

With such a special post, one would think I would have some new extra special photos to post. ..not really.  I am just so amazed that you can check the internet while on a plane at 30,000 feet that I wanted to post something (Thank you Virgin America for the WI FI and the free plane ticket!  But no thanks to the turbulence that just hit.  Very cool Airline though.  The safety demonstration is the best I’ve seen).

I am off to LA to meet some industry contacts.  It is all part of my award from Blurb‘s Photography.Book.Now competition that I got 1st Runner-up in last fall.

Here is a photo with an LA connection.  Though shot in Brooklyn, it is the cover of DigitalPhotoPro Magazine some months back.  They are Los Angeles based.  See the entire post here.

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