The Models of Project Runway by Michael Creagh

I just caught an episode of Project Runway and I just realized I photographed loads of models from past seasons. I guess I never realized, but I just looked on Wikipedia and see loads of names. I am listing some of them below (and with photos).  Many of the names sound familiar, but I cannot remember if I photographed them or just saw them at castings. All the photos here are from my shoots with models.

From Season 1, I photographed Olga, Audrey and I think I photographed Josiane years ago, but I cannot track down the image.:

Olga Kononova (Click photo to see a link to past editorials with the image larger)

Audrey Chihocky (Click photo to see a recent post on Audrey in Jan)

From Season 2, I photographed Rebecca Holiday and Rachel Hartzog

Rebecca Holiday

Rachel Hartzog

From Season 3, I photographed Camila Barungi and Amanda Fields, but I cannot track down the shots on Amanda as it was many years ago.

Camila Barungi

From Season 5, I photographed Alex Arace twice and Polina F (I wouldn’t even know where to start looking for those shots).

Alex Arace


Michael Creagh


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