Model Alison Burnett

I photographed my friend Alison Burnett today.  Hot!  She is just naturally beautiful.  I should have tweeted some but we were so busy shooting that I figured I would just post some on the blog.  These have like no editing as we just finished shooting like 15 minutes ago and picked a few shots we both liked.  We skipped whole looks, so who knows what else is in here.  And yes, we shot all these photos and styles in few hours.  You can follow her on twitter @AliBurnett

She looks crazy here, but I like it!  Everything was shots with my Canon 5D Mark II with my 85mm 1.2 lens.  Some Broncolor lighting, some sunlight, some Canon Speedlight.

Makeup and Hair: AJ Will

Fashion Styling: Adrienne Weinfeld-Berg

Michael Creagh

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