The Melanie Iglesias Flipbook Video – Super Hot!!

I am really excited to release the new video I just shot with the super hot Melanie Iglesias.  You have seen Melanie Iglesias in 2011 Maxim’s Top 100 and World Poker Tour as a Royal Flush Girl.  Now her is a little more of her!!  Especially that great personality.  She is such a sweetheart to work with.

We did the video on a whim and just hope everyone enjoys it.  We shot around 2000 frames to make the stop motion video, and I would like to argue it is one of the sexiest stop motion videos of  all time.   It is Melanie dressing and then stripping off loads of outfits.  No images have been retouched at all, and we shot it all in one take.  And yes, the individual frames are super hot as well!!!

Music by Grand Staff, Video edited by @Ebis, Makeup by Oz Rodriguez.  Here is link to Melanie’s Facebook Fan Page and Twitter.

Some of the hot stills!!

For those photo nerds out there who are as much interested in what I did as Melanie.  I shot on a Canon 5D MarkII on continuous shooting with the awesome Broncolor Scoro in fast mode.   I used my trusty 85mm 1.2 lens and my souped up beauty dish.  All the creative ideas and styling were just from me, Melanie and my assistant, Mary Austin.

Here are some photographs I took of Melanie posted last week.  We took these at the same time as the video shoot.  I am still planning to release more in the near future.  So check back sometimes.

Michael Creagh (iPad viewers + archive)

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