Awesome Behind the Scenes Video of Flip Book 3

For those of you thought you saw a lot of behind the scenes footage in the Flip Book 3 teaser, the new behind the scenes video offers so much more;  a lot more Melanie Iglesias, a lot more Michael Creagh, and a lot more photography.  I try not to read to many of the comments on YouTube, but when I do I see people so incorrectly describing what we do.  This video really shows us working and the techniques…and it is sexy and fun.  You get to also see some of process Melanie and I use to create mood, feel, and sexiness.


Flip Book 3 is at 500,000 views in 2 days with loads of YouTube honors and we are fast approaching 4 million views for the series.  So exciting.

Here is the link to ALL Melanie posts from my blog; including both Flip Book 1,2 and 3, some behind the scenes shots, twitter posts, the teaser video…everything.

Here is one of my favorite stills from the behind the scenes video.  Me

Michael Creagh (iPad viewers + archive)

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Michael Creagh is a New York Fashion Photographer specializing in Advertising, catalogs, magazines, models and editorial work.  Check out his international award winning photography at the websites and blogs above.