DJ Tiesto AKG and The Melanie Iglesias Flipbook

I am proud to finally post the newest Flipbook with Melanie Iglesias!!!  This time we teamed up with the amazing DJ Tiesto for his song Sounds of the Night to advertise his high end head phones collaboration with AKG.

Produced by Sean Miyashiro at Recreation Worldwide; we had a blast making the new Flipbook.  Stablished added cool graphics, Gary Gardner and I filmed at Electric Zoo.  Amazing experience.  Makeup: Yuko Takahashi, Hair: Takashi Ashizawa, and Stylist:  Chis Kim. Flipbook Photography by Michael Creagh.

Here are some fun screen shots from the Flipbook with the Stablished graphics!!

Of course there is a series of Melanie Iglesias Flipbooks with something like 12 million hits and we have worked together on loads of fun and sexy collaborations.  All Melanie Posts from my blog can be found here.

Shot on Canon 5D Mark III with an 85mm 1.2Lens and 24-70 2.8 les and the studio lights are with the Broncolor Scoro with the Broncolor Para88.

Michael Creagh (archive)

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