Behind the Scenes of Susana Monaco SPR09 by Michael Creagh

The Set – We built a white and black set next to each other.  Nick is putting on the final touches before bringing in the black boxes


How crazy the set is from behind.  That is a seriously long wall.  In the background you can see snaps of the clothes we plan to shoot.

Here are snaps of those clothes lined up on the changing area.

Wesley working on Rachel’s hair and Yuko on makeup (but doing a nail color change here).

Gary,, filming for the video.  You can also see a pretty good view of the double set here, including most of my set up/lighting.

Another shot of Gary with Nick doing a dolly shot:  moving with Rachel as she walks in between the two sets in one continuous shot.

Self Portrait, Michael Creagh, in the reflections of the plexiglass walls while shooting tests.

We actually had a fire in the building next door:  smoke in the hallways and had to evacuate. No one was hurt.

We had almost an hour of down time before we got to get back to shooting.

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