Alina Vacariu Nude…Almost

Way back in June I told everyone that I had a new Alina Vacariu shoot and posted the 1 shot directly below.  Many of you have written patiently waiting as I bragged it was hot!  For the record, I was waiting as well.  Alina and I selected our favorites, the agents got involved, we all traveled to different places, worked a lot….time flies.  The good news is the agents didn’t cut anything and we got some beautiful natural light shots of Alina.

Here is the shot I posted back in June.  Alina and I have shot together a couples and you can see some more fashion and beauty photos here and here.

Here are 3 very similar shots of Alina Vacariu almost nude.  Not that you need me to say it, but I was there.  Alina is beautiful in person; sexy.  We had a really had time choosing a favorite.  Any thoughts on 1,2,or 3?

(click photos to make a little larger)

For those of you who are tech photography junkies like me, the lighting was just simple window light behind Alina and whatever light was bouncing around my studio.  I shot with my Canon 1DS Mark III at ISO1600 (It wasn’t as bright as it looked!) at 1/125 sec at F1.4 on the Canon 85mm 1.2 lens.  This is part of my natural light series.


Michael Creagh


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