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I got the PDF’s yesterday from a story about my work in Intro Magazine from Bulgaria. They featured the Trapeze shoot I did with Susana Monaco.  Unfortunately, not speaking Bulgarian (or any Slavic language), I have no idea what they said.  Hint:  If you speak Bulgarian let me know! I have one friend I am going to ask and maybe I will post a translation at some point.  I think it will be hard to read the text here anyhow as the photo size I posted is not very big (but you can click to enlarge them just enough).

(not sure who photographed the cover)

The series was photographed in a H3D Hasselblad 39 megapixels with 80mm and 150mm lens.  Exposures varied, but generally ISO 50 with approximately F8 at 1/1250 sec.  The main light was a beauty dish with several fill and background lights.  Here is a past post with some very cool behind the scenes photos from the shoot.

Photographed for the Susana Monaco Spring 2008 Catalog

Model:  Valya Muravleva, at MC2 Models

Makeup:  Munemi, See Management

Hair:  Seiji, The Wall Group

Prop Styling: Charlotte Guess

Photo Assistant:  Katrina Eugenia

Photographed at Milk Studios, NYC


Michael Creagh


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