In the News – Allie Crandell

I was reading the Huffington Post and came across this article on MTV’s Allie Crandell.  It said Revolve Clothing had removed her from their website over online customers’ concerns she was too skinny (photos in the link to Huffington Post below).   Now, I photographed Allie a couple of years ago for the cover of National Jeweler’s Magazine (also below).   I am a big fan of Allie’s.  She was awesome on set and just a very cool young women.  I haven’t seen for a couple years, and I remember her being on the skinny side, but full of energy and eating heartily on set.  Part of the difficulty I think, which NO ONE TALKS ABOUT, is with models that are not really really tall, they try to stay a touch skinnier so they look taller in photos.  Allie is tall, but not for a model.


Here are links to my original posts with Allie for National Jeweler.


Behind the scenes of the shoot:

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