Jessica White Gets a Reality TV Show

I just read that Jessica White is going to have a reality TV show on Oxygen.  The report comes through the New York Post’s Page Six Magazine and the Huffington Post.  I photographed Jessica White for Page Six Magazine a couple years ago.  I realize I never scanned the Post’s tearsheet, but here is a link to some of my favorites from the shoot.

Both articles mention her downtown fight.  I always wonder about that…I don’t know Jessica very well.  But when I photographed her, she was just so easy going and had such a good nature.  It was a funny story.  Her agent and I decided to use the background seen below.  That is right by my place.  So rather than come to a big photo studio for the supermodel, she was coming to my apartment.  Earlier that week we ripped out the stairs for some serious remodeling.  They were sort of back in place for when Jessica arrived to walk over them for makeup/hair.  She was so cool about it. Totally put the shoot at ease.

Shot with Canon and available daylight.

Michael Creagh

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