Hottest Alina Vacariu Shoot Ever?

I know I have been terrible.  I keep photographing Alina Vacariu and not posting the shots.  A couple people have emailed me asking and I recently read on another blog wondering when I would post my last shoot.  Well, I sort of skipped a hot shoot from last fall, but here is Alina and my shoot from a little over a week ago.  This is 100% UN-retouched and I think possibly our hottest shoot ever.  You can see she was nude here and she looks amazing in person.  And she is so sweet!

Click the mixes to make them larger:

The photos were take in my Manhattan studio with Canon 5D Mark II with an 85mm 1.2 lens.  Makeup and hair was done by AJ Will.


I have a lot more photos from my shoots with Alina, from pretty to fashion to sexy.  They can be seen here; “stars and stripes”, “Bikini Shot”“Almost Nude”, “Fashion” , “Fashion 2″, “Her Wedding” and “Wig”.

Michael Creagh

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