My Makeup Artist -Yuko Takahashi for Canon

Many of you are familiar with Yuko Takahashi‘s work in countless shoots with me like the Susana Monaco Campaigns and dozens of shoots on my website.  She even did the makeup in yesterday’s blog post for the new teaser shot.  Of course, Yuko works on hundreds of cool projects.  Recently, she brought me in on one of hers.

Canon Cameras are a staple in my studio.  We have the 5D Mark III, the Mark II, the 1DS Mark III, and even a couple of Canon Rebels and a G12 for fun.  So it was a pleasure when Yuko asked me to help her on set while Canon featured Yuko for huge TV commercial campaign in Asia.  Produced by TK Digital, the commercial follows Yuko doing makeup on set and using the new Canon S110.

Now you can’t really see me in the commercial, though I think Spencer Kohn and I are blurred in the background at one point.  Though I think it just might be my butt!  You do get a beautiful glimpse of my Broncolor Para 88.  Yuko is amazing in it.  Of course I can not find a direct link to the video, but there is a link and then you need to navigate by clicking an arrow at the bottom toward the right until you see Yuko.  Here is a screen shot of what you are looking for and then click “Special Movie”.  Here is the link to when you have to click the arrow.


Here are some screen shots from the video.  Yuko is clearly a star.  It is all in Japanese, but if you ask me her acting is awesome.   You also see stylist Lisa Jarvis.

Here is a behind the scenes photo with Yuko, Lisa, and Damian Monzillo styling the model’s hair.

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Michael Creagh