Myokore Fitness Trainer – Bahamas Shoot

I was working out yesterday and thinking that I still didn’t post any of the cool shots from my Bahamas shoot with Myokore. I was lucky enough to get an advance unit from the shoot and I have been working with it since the late fall.  It is a pretty cool mix of a suspension trainer and a bungee system.  Kind of hooks up anywhere and you can get an awesome work out.   You can pre-order it now from their website.

I will have a lot more photos coming up in the next few weeks both here and on instagram.  Here I am just posting the splash pages of the website.  Amazing models you have seen everywhere; Cora Deitz, several FHM’s, the 100 sexiest, Maxim’s and; Ashley Sky with almost 1 million Instagram followers and Buffalo Jeans Campaign; Jade Elliot, from FHM 100 sexiest.

Myokore1_FitnessTrainer Myokore2_FitnessTrainer Myokore3_FitnessTrainer Myokore4_FitnessTrainer Myokore5_FitnessTrainer

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