Natascha Bessez – New Single Heal

Check out the new video for Natascha Bessez’s first single, Heal.  Great song and she has such a beautiful voice.  This is the acoustic version.  Also, don’t miss the preview with some behind the scenes footage.  Follow Natascha on her Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and her YouTube Channel.


Be sure to download the full radio version available now on iTunes!!

Here is the cover shot, we did a few weeks back.

Natascha and I work together quite a bit.   This is the 3rd video I have shot with Natascha.  Catch Rabiosa and Skyscraper below.  Also see her in my Christmas Flipbook with Melanie Iglesias and looking hot in the behind the scenes video and the teaser.

One of Natascha’s  videos, a cover of Mr. Saxobeat has over 1,000,000 hits. The Link includes some photos you don’t want to miss.

Here is a link to the preview photo for Rabiosa.

Link to her interview on Reynolds 2.2 Blog including more hot photos

Here is the link to my first post on Natascha, where she belts out Bruno Mars’ Grenade.


Michael Creagh (iPad viewers + archive)

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